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How Cherish Works


Parenting didn't come with a manual... and now that you're over a decade in, things are only getting tougher. So we thought: every other job comes with training, why shouldn't parenting? You can think of Cherish as your personal teen-development expert, cheerleader, thought partner, and confidant — all rolled into one. Cherish membership includes 1:1 coaching from experts and support from a community of parents who’ve been there.


A membership focused on supporting you as a parent.

Cherish membership includes 1:1 coaching from experts and support from a community of parents who’ve been there. 


Who is Cherish for?

Cherish is for parents with t(w)eens (age 10 - 18) who are open to learning better ways to support their teen and supporting other parents to do the same. 

What does it mean to be a Cherish Early Access User?

We're currently building out the full Cherish experience and early access users will be the first to experience new features in exchange for their honest feedback. Many of our early access users have also been our greatest advocates, so we always welcome you to share your guest passes with friends to help them skip the waitlist and join Cherish as an early access user. 

How is 1:1 different from Circles?

In 1:1 coaching you'll work directly with your personal parenting coach. They are a constant point of contact you can check in with on any parenting related topic. They are there to help you reflect, problem solve, and discover the right strategies or resources to reach your parenting goals. The conversation will always be strictly between just the two of you, so many parents choose to dive into more sensitive topics with their coach. Parent Circles, on the other hand, is a group experience where you will meet other parents who face similar challenges. It's a great way to learn from each other and share ideas for how to tackle the challenge. Each circle is facilitated by a coach who will share relevant resources, prompts, and tips for the group to discuss and try. Your Cherish membership includes access to both features and many parents use both! 

What's the expected commitment for Circles?

We believe every parent in a Cherish Parent Circle is a valuable member with important contributions to make. As such, we ask you to commit to being engaged throughout the duration of your Circle (usually 4-12 weeks).


Some examples of what being engaged could look like:

  • Sharing parenting wins, fails, tips, and questions related to the topic of your Circle

  • Asking for support and ideas from your Circle-mates

  • Discussing the content provided by your Circle facilitator or responding to reflection prompts

  • Trying the tips shared by your Circle facilitator each week and sharing your results with your Circle

  • Practicing non-judgemental communications, self-reflection, and vulnerability  - important skills for building a healthy, happy relationship with your teen

Each group will have its own cadence. Here’s an example:

  • Sunday: facilitator will share content and reflection prompt + 30 min chat based Q&A

  • Tuesday: facilitator will share an “in real life” example submitted by a parent in your circle to discuss as a group

  • Thursday: facilitator will share follow up content and reflection prompt

  • Saturday: Circle check in about the week’s wins and fails


The best circles engage in general group conversation with each other about your parenting goals and challenges beyond the facilitator’s prompts.

What's the point of a circle facilitator? 

The facilitator is there to chime in with useful content related to the Circle topic and help create a safe, welcoming space for everyone to share. The facilitator works directly with our experts to curate useful tips and information for the circle and is also someone with work or advanced degree experience related to the topic


How many Circles can I join at one time?

You can join as many circles as you would like once you've joined the membership. We'd encourage you to join no more than two at a time so you can focus your energy on engaging meaningfully with the group and practicing your learnings intentionally. You're limited to 1 circle during your free trial.

What's the expected commitment for 1:1 coaching?

We believe you get out of coaching what you put in. The best coaching relationships are built on trust, openness, and a willingness to confront challenging truths. There are no time requirements for working with your coach - you can reach out and answer their messages whenever you have a free moment or want to work through something together. We love it when you also take time to share your wins with us! Our coaches are committed to getting to know you and supporting you in personalized, approachable, and evidence-driven ways. 

Who is my coach?

You’ll get paired with a Cherish coach within 24 hours of sign up. Cherish coaches are matched based on what you share during the intake form about the challenge you’ve described and what characteristics you value in your coach. If for whatever reason you’d like to switch your Cherish Coach, simply ask! No hard feelings - we want you to have a coach you love working with. 


We have coaches who are licensed practitioners, parent educators, retired teachers, and experienced parents who’ve been through the challenge you’re facing. Coaches are selected based on their experience and alignment with Cherish’s mission of helping parents feel confident to build healthy, happy relationships with their teens. All coaches receive training on Cherish’s coaching model and ongoing development through Cherish's expert network.

When are coaches available?

Coaches are available 7 days a week and respond to messages within 24 hours, so feel free to text your coach whenever works for you. You can always reach out with questions about parenting your teen, and if ever your coach doesn’t have a good answer for you right away, they’ll reach out to our Cherish Expert Network of clinicians and subject matter experts and get right back to you!

How much does membership cost?

Currently, we are offering free trials to our early access users to join a 4-week circle and/or three weeks of 1:1 coaching. After your trial, membership options start at $50/month for access to unlimited coaching, content, and parent circles.


We don't take payment up front for the trial, so you'd only pay if you're excited to continue using Cherish.

How will Cherish protect my privacy?

Your conversations will always be confidential between you and your coach/circle. Your coach will always ask for your explicit permission if they want to share something from the conversation (e.g, to ask a Cherish expert for input or to share feedback). We use first name only for everyone, including the names of your children if you choose to share (sometimes we just use first name initials). Parents who are in Circles together should not contact individual parents outside of Circles to maintain everyone's privacy and the group dynamic.


If ever you want us to delete your data when you stop using Cherish, we will happily do that with written confirmation from you via text. We are in the process of developing an app where we plan to use HIPPA compliant measures to protect all our users’ confidentiality and privacy. For now, we use solutions that have a proven record of protecting their users' data.

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