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Parent Circles


You're not alone. Learn and grow together with a small group of fellow parents and an expert coach who get it.

How it works



Pick a circle topic based on what interests you or what you're working through with your teen



We'll match you with a crew of 6-10 parents with teens who live and get what you're going through



Text for advice and share your hard-won wisdom in a private, chat-based space. There's no question too big or small.



Grow together as a group with support from an expert coach who'll provide thought starters, and guided practices

Upcoming Circles


How to handle teen talk back and tantrums

Are you struggling with handling your teen’s talk back? Want to learn how to address teen “defiance”?  Join this circle to meet parents with similar challenges and learn how you can handle teen talk back.

Topics we'll cover

Understanding what your teen really wants from talking back

Tips and skills for handling your teen's big emotions and conflicts

How to have a clear rule setting conversation and follow through

How to turn tantrums into an opportunity for connection


February 15 - March 14, 2021

(4 weeks)

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Using SPACE to unlock your teen's anxiety

Created at the Yale School of Medicine, the SPACE program helps parents alleviate their teens' anxiety by changing parenting behaviors.  We recommend reading along with Dr. Lebowitz's new book: Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD .

Topics we'll cover

Different forms of anxiety and why is it so common for teens?

What is the SPACE program and how do I implement it?

How can I handle the objections that might come with using SPACE?

What skills can I equip myself with to be successful at using SPACE?


February 15 - March 14, 2021

(4 weeks)

Wellness Coach

Diving deep into your parenting patterns

Reflection and healing past wounds are core parts of being a conscious parent. Join this Circle to reflect deeply on what's shaped your parenting patterns and practice letting go of patterns that no longer serve you or your teen.

Topics we'll cover

Mindfulness and conscious parenting  principles

How do your deepest yearnings influence your parenting?

How does parenting relate to your identity?

What are you passing on from your childhood?


February 22 - March 19, 2021

(4 weeks)

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Future Circle Topics

Starting your conscious parenting journey

8 weeks


Supporting your teen through your divorce

8 weeks

divorce (1).jpg

How to talk about body image with your teen

8 weeks


Supporting your teen with ADHD

8 weeks

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