Parent Circles


You're not alone. Learn and grow together with a small group of fellow parents and an expert coach who get it.

How it works


Pick a circle topic based on what interests you or what you're working through with your teen


We'll match you with a crew of 6-10 parents with teens who live and get what you're going through


Ask for advice and share your hard-won wisdom in a private, chat-based space. There's no question too big or small.


Grow together as a group with support from an expert coach who'll provide weekly thought starters, and guided practices

Upcoming Circles

Navigating screen time boundaries 

Having a hard time setting rules around screen time with your teen? Tired of the arguments when you follow through on the rules you've set? Join this circle to explore how to set effective screen time limits with your teen.

Topics we'll cover

What's considered healthy screen usage for teens?

How does screen time really affect their mental health?

Tips and skills for your conversation about screen time boundaries

How you can follow through on screen time rules with less conflict


January 25 - February 19, 2021 

(4 weeks)

How to support your teen with anxiety

So you've just learned your teen is struggling with anxiety. What should you do? How can you help? Join this circle to meet other parents navigating their teens anxiety and learn how you can effectively support your anxious teen.

Topics we'll cover

Different forms of anxiety and why is it so common for teens?

How to identify anxiety in your teen and helpful coping skills

How to set effective boundaries to avoid over accommodation

Practical tips and skills for soothing your teen's anxiety


January 25 - February 19, 2021 

(4 weeks)

How to handle teen talk back and tantrums

Are you struggling with handling your teen’s talk back? Want to learn how to address teen “defiance”?  Join this circle to meet parents with similar challenges and learn how you can handle teen talk back.

Topics we'll cover

Understanding what your teen really wants from talking back

Tips and skills for handling your teen's big emotions and conflicts

How to have a clear rule setting conversation and follow through

How to turn tantrums into an opportunity for connection


January 25 - February 19, 2021 

(4 weeks)


Future Circle Topics

Starting your conscious parenting journey

8 weeks

Supporting your teen through your divorce

8 weeks

How to talk about body image with your teen

8 weeks

Supporting your teen with ADHD

8 weeks

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