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Learn to build a healthy and connected relationship with your teen through unlimited text-based coaching and curated insights. Think of Cherish as your personal teen-development expert, cheerleader, thought partner, and confidant—all rolled into one. We draw our coaching expertise from many fields, including neuroscience, communications, behavior science, psychology, and education because we know parenting is a holistic practice. You don't need to do it alone — every other job comes with training, why shouldn't parenting?

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Message your coach anytime whether you have questions, something to celebrate, or are in a tough spot. Your coach is there for you with expert advice.

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Learn what works

Learn new strategies relevant to your needs through actionable bite-sized, curated content that draws from interdisciplinary research.


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of like-minded parents to dive into a topic together, share learnings, and support

one another.

What People Say

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I spend so much time looking for accurate information,  and even then, it's not clear if it applies to my son. Now, I just text my  coach and love that the answer is actually relevant and reliable.


Parent intervention is one of the most important and under-appreciated interventions for successful adolescent outcomes. This is so needed.


Sometimes, it almost feels embarrassing to ask about the things parents of teens have to deal with, and with Cherish, I know where to turn for  advice specific to teens

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